42 Bits Entertainment
Based in Jüchen, Germany

Founding date:
February 21, 2018


Press / Business contact:


Fata Deum (german)
Fata Deum

Bedburdycker Straße 42
41363 Jüchen

+49 (162) 409 7102


42 Bits Entertainment is an indie developer company founded with one specific purpose: to get the god game genre back! Providing the player with great powers and a free choice of how to use them, lets you experience the consequenes of your actions in a unique and valuable way! We believe that such a high degree of interactivity and freedom makes god games such an outstanding experience! We wholeheartedly miss this genre and it is about time to get it back! We believe that the best game experience can only be developed by an experienced team that has already been in strong exchange with the community during earlier development phases. That is why we are doing Kickstarter: to get you on board, as soon as possible!


Early history

In its very early steps in the begin of 2018 42 Bits Entertainment started as a One-Man-Show. Equipped with the vision of getting the god game genre back the founder Christoph Schulze was supported by the german local government (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW) to build up a first prototype. With the support of this prototype he was able to further spread the vision of bringing the god game genre back and gather a team of experienced and talented game developers to fulfill this misson!

After that

Equipped with a bunch of new ideas the team beind Fata Deum was able to gather additional fundings from the local german government (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW) to continue the development on a larger scale. During Gamescom 2019 the Fata Deum was shown to the audience the first time at the Indie Arena Booth! This was quite a success! Until today the team was able to gather over 5000 follower via social media (Facebook mostly), further increased the team size (over 10 people with 40+ years of game industry experience and over 15 titles shipped are now working on the project) and is heading to Kickstarter end of March 2020!



There are currently no trailers available for 42 Bits Entertainment. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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Fata Deum Kickstarter
The Fata Deum Kickstarter campaign https:.

Fata Deum Website
Our official Fata Deum website https:.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Dr. Christoph Schulze
Founder, Lead Developer, Game Designer

Ivonne Vaziri-Elahi
Narrative Designer, Freelancer

Giancarlo Di Dino
3D Artist, Freelancer

Only Sound - Paul Stähr und Felix Bachlinger
Composer and Sound Designer, Freelancer

kamphans - die Kreativagentur
Marketing and Art Consulting, Freelancer

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